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MJ News is expanding, and we are looking for talented individuals to fill various key roles across our departments. If you are passionate about media, technology, or analytics, check out our available positions and see where you might fit in our innovative and creative team!

Current Job Openings

Advertising Operations

  • Revenue Analyst, Programmatic: Analyze and optimize programmatic ad revenue streams. Requires 2+ years in ad operations or similar field.

Audience Development

  • Sr. Social Media Marketing Manager, Commerce: Lead social media strategies that drive e-commerce. Must have at least 5 years of experience in social media management and a proven track record in sales-driven campaigns.

Data Science & Analytics

  • Director of Analytics: Oversee data analytics operations, ensuring insights and data integrity. Required: 7+ years in a senior analytics role.


  • Features Creator: Develop engaging content for our Decider platform. Creative storytelling and 3+ years in media production needed.


  • Reporter: Cover local news and events. Journalism background and 2+ years of experience required.
  • Digital Editor: Manage online content and editorial team. Requires 3+ years in digital editing.
  • Wellness Editor: Lead our wellness section with innovative health and lifestyle content. 4+ years in health journalism needed.
  • Digital Content Producer (Tues-Sat, 11pm-7am EST): Produce nightly digital content. Must handle fast-paced work environment.
  • Sports Copy Editor (Nights/Weekends): Edit sports content for accuracy and clarity during night shifts.
  • Deputy Editor, Entertainment: Assist in managing entertainment news operations. 5+ years in entertainment journalism required.
  • Wellness Reporter: Report on wellness trends and news. Background in health and wellness journalism preferred.
  • Reporter, Entertainment: Cover entertainment industry with engaging reports and stories. 3+ years in entertainment reporting necessary.

Enterprise Information Technology

  • Project Manager: Lead IT projects from conception to implementation. 5+ years of project management experience in tech environments required.

Human Resources

  • HR Operations Manager: Oversee HR procedures and improvements. 5+ years in HR with management experience required.
  • HR Associate: Support HR tasks and employee relations. Entry-level position with 1+ year of HR experience preferred.

Part-Time Opportunities

  • Graphic Designer (Wed-Fri, 10am-6pm): Design compelling graphics for digital platforms. Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite necessary.
  • Jr Project Manager: Assist with managing various projects. Suitable for recent graduates.
  • Photo Editor (Sun-Wed, 10am-5pm): Edit and curate photos for publication. Experience with photo editing software required.

Product and User Experience

  • Head of Customer Experience (UX): Lead UX strategies to enhance user satisfaction. Requires extensive experience in UX design and customer research.


  • Account Executive, Advertising Sales: Drive ad sales and client relationships. Sales experience and strong communication skills required.
  • Account Executive, Programmatic Sales: Focus on selling programmatic advertising solutions. Experience in digital ad sales preferred.


  • Celebrity Talent Booker: Secure celebrity appearances for various productions. Strong industry contacts and negotiation skills required.

Job Descriptions

At MJ News, each role is designed to contribute significantly to our operations and strategic goals. Here’s a closer look at what some key positions entail:

  • Revenue Analyst, Programmatic: Focus on the analysis and optimization of programmatic advertising, using data to drive revenue growth and enhance advertiser value.
  • Sr. Social Media Marketing Manager, Commerce: Develop and execute social media strategies that directly increase e-commerce revenues through engaging content and targeted campaigns.
  • Director of Analytics: Lead a team of analysts to provide actionable insights across all company divisions, ensuring data-driven decision making at every level.
  • Features Creator, Decider: Craft compelling stories and features that resonate with our audience, leveraging trends and analytics to guide content creation.
  • Digital Content Producer: Manage the nightly production of digital content, coordinating with writers and editors to ensure timely publication of high-quality material.

For more detailed descriptions tailored to specific positions, please reach out via email, and we will provide the comprehensive job outlines including key responsibilities, team interaction, and project goals.

Work Experience

The experience required for our positions varies, tailored to ensure each team member can fully contribute to and thrive in their role. Below are examples of experience expectations for various roles:

  • Entry-Level Positions (e.g., HR Associate, Jr Project Manager): Typically requires 1-2 years of relevant experience or equivalent educational background to ensure familiarity with industry basics and operational tasks.
  • Mid-Level Positions (e.g., Revenue Analyst, Digital Editor): Candidates should have 3-5 years of professional experience, demonstrating a capacity for role-specific tasks and a deeper understanding of the industry dynamics.
  • Senior-Level Positions (e.g., Sr. Social Media Marketing Manager, Director of Analytics): These roles require 7+ years of experience, with a proven track record of leadership, strategic insight, and significant contributions to business outcomes in similar settings.

How to Apply

To apply, please send your resume, cover letter, and specify the position you are applying for to [email protected]. We are eager to hear how you can contribute to our team!

To inquire about specific experience requirements for the role you are interested in, please contact us at [email protected] with your query or request a detailed job description which includes a comprehensive overview of the necessary qualifications and experiences.

Application Deadline

The deadline to submit applications is from March 15, 2024, to June 15, 2024.

Join MJ News and be part of a team that values innovation, creativity, and the impact of high-quality journalism and media technology!